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How To Wear a Brooch ?

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How To Wear a Brooch ?

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The brooch is a piece of jewellery or accessory with a pin that allows it to be stapled onto a piece of clothing, scarf etc. There are many types of brooches on the market, e.g. expensive brooch, diamond brooch, crystal brooch etc. Wearing a brooch can give you a unique style and more charm. There are a few tips on how to wear a brooch properly. 

How Do You Put on a Brooch | Brooch Paradise

In general, brooches are often worn on clothes, especially on tailor's jackets. Women rather like rhinestone brooches because they can make them more elegant and noble. But young people don't like very sumptuous brooches, they prefer metal ones because they are special, personalized and fashionable and they can show their characteristics well. Without a doubt, a brooch works very well on an evening dress.💃 Choose one in the shape of a flower for a refined and chic look.

Wear a brooch on a hat 👒 is also popular all over the world. The brooch on the hat can create a lovable, mature or distinguished look depending on the material, color, style and shape. In addition, you can also use the brooches to ornament your hair accessories. It's a new fashion. Instead of buying brooches just anywhere and of poor quality, take a look at our shop. Brooch Paradise