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How To Wear a Brooch With a Scarf

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How To Wear a Brooch With a Scarf

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First of all, a scarf is a fashion accessory that gives your outfit an extra edge in any season. It can cover your neck or even protect it from drafts.
There can be several types of scarves:
  • neck scarf, winter scarf, scarf floral
  • striped scarf, plaid scarf, shawl scarf
  • pashmina scarf, fur scarf
  • blanket scarf,chiffon scarf
  • circle scarf, square scarf
  • lace scarf, silk scarf, cotton scarf, crochet scarf
  • Coloured Scarf ( Blue Scarf, Black Scarf, Red Scarf ) 

Scarf | Brooch Paradise

    Looking to add sophistication to your everyday outfit with minimal effort ?

    Brooches are ideal accessories for that. They are creations that allow you to tie your neckerchief, to embellish it as well.

    Know that it is important, even essential to have the brooch that will go with it. This jewel can impose itself as the key element of your outfit and allow you to create a style, a trend in an instant.

    Different step to wear a brooch on a scarf ?

    • First of all, choose the scarf that will go with your outfit. Smooth and unfold the scarf to wrap it evenly.
    • Put it around your neck so that both ends hang evenly over your torso.
    • Turn the left end over your right shoulder so that it overlaps the other half of the scarf, making an X along the collarbone.
    • Hold your scarf and slide your pin into the X so that the needle points towards your shoulder.
    • Re-insert the pin-up through the X of the sling before attaching it to the inside of the spindle. Ventilate the material around the pin with your fingers to give the scarf a fuller, more textured appearance.

    In summary :

    The scarf is an accessory that allows you to adjust its fit. However, scarves are very easy to undo and repositioning them is tedious. Tying your scarfs with a pin will accentuate your decorative addition and you will avoid having to reweave it all day long. So put into practice our techniques that will save your life and your time.