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How To Wear a Brooch Without Damaging it

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How To Wear a Brooch Without Damaging it

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Wearing a brooch offers a sense of luxury, style and comfort. The problem is that brooches in general can be very easy to scratch and damage. Sure, they are an important part of the dress code, but the fact that they are prone to damaging makes them extremely sensitive. This brings the question, how can you wear a brooch without damaging it too much? Here are some tips to help!

Don’t use it with glue

One of the major mis a lot of people have is that you should use brooches with glue. However, glue is not an option. If you use high quality glue that lasts for a very long time, you will not be able to take the brooch out of its setting. It will be glued to the clothing piece. That means it will be extremely hard to get it out. When you do eventually get it out, you will end up with lots of damage to the brooch and your clothing piece as well. Avoid this!

Use a magnetic brooch

Recently a new option has emerged, a magnetic brooch pin. The idea here is simple, it’s just like a metal pin but you don’t have to puncture the clothing piece. Instead, you just have a magnet and another magnet that needs to go under the fabric. Due to the magnetic power, the two magnets will keep your brooch safe and there’s no need to worry about losing it.

A lot of people use it for bridal events or fashionable dresses. Whatever happens you will not damage it, as this piece is easy to wear and you will always look perfect with this accessory.

Plus, on a garment, it will retain its value in the long run since it won’t be full of holes. It is suitable for everyone and can be adapted to many fashion trends. It works also for business casual outfits, a casual dress or even a gown. You just need to adapt this to your own style and you will be fine.

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Add it in the right location

It’s always a very good idea to figure out where you want to place the brooch to. A good rule of thumb for most of us is to keep it right over the heart or around that location. The reason is simple, you’ll have it close by and there are less chances that you will damage. You won’t bump someone with that side of your body.

Of course, you can easily style it the way you want, but if the brooch is large in size you need to pay a lot of attention to where you put it. Ideally you want to keep it away from any materials that can damage it. That means you need to know what type of materials can damage your brooch. If you have a semi precious stone, you want to keep it away from other stones like it, as it can get damaged.

Keep it inside of your jacket/vest, and not outside

If you keep the brooch on the outside of your vest, you make it vulnerable to external damage. For example, water damage can easily appear and you can easily damage your clothes. Wearing it indoors reduces the risk. This is why it is better to add it to your shirt and not to the jacket.

Once you learn what not to wear with a brooch, things are a lot easier. When you wear a brooch you want to look amazing, but you also want to protect your investment too. And that’s why you should use these tips and tricks, as they will make the process a lot easier and more convenient. Make sure that you pick the right brooch style and stick to it. This can be well worth the effort!