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How to wear a vintage brooch

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First of all, you have to dive into your brooch box to find these beautiful accessories. They may be damaged or look too old, but don't worry. In general, you can fix them easily with simple pin maintenance routines.

In general, vintage brooches add variety to your wardrobe and refresh your existing clothing inventory. More than just a fashion trend; it's a statement of biblical proportions that never goes out of style. Eternal favorites find a new look with unique and striking vintage brooches.

These unique brooches have stood the test of time, allowing you to reuse/recycle while enjoying the high quality of their design and workmanship. Vintage brooches allow you to express your personal and distinctive style in a way that will get you noticed, and probably start a conversation!

Let's see together how to wear vintage brooches in this article and how they can make you fall in love.

8 Original way to wear a vintage item :

1. Tops (shirts, sweaters): In ancient times, vintage brooches were a unique piece of jewelry to wear. Women very often wore pins to make a sublime set.

2. Hats are still the best way to have a perfect look. Accompanied with your favorite vintage brooches, you will change your look. You can pin them on berets, turbans, bells, yesterday's hats, etc... Prefer fabric or straw. Whether tonight in front or on the sides, it's up to you!

3. Scarves and Shawls: Vintage brooches will give more style and elegance to your scarf. One of the best way to tie a shawl so that it will hold. It is also not advisable to stick brooches on evening wear for example to avoid damaging it.

4 . The belt : Give all your belts a boost in a few minutes thanks to a vintage brooch that you will clip on, you will change your outfit very easily and get an original and unique look. You can also use a scarf, a ribbon to make a unique belt and put your brooches on it. For the ribbon, Simply tie a length in the shape of a knot. Add a vintage brooch and it's done! Concerning the scarf, any long thin one can be used as a belt.

5 . Headbands: It is quite possible to stick a brooch on a headband or a scarf (worn as a headband). Preferably, a simple headband will do the trick.

6. In Your Hair : Brooches in the hair are a great way to embellish your outfits. It's a real eye-catcher and you'll look perfect. Brooches will adorn your hair to make it look festive... or just to keep a strand from slipping out of your eyes. Try a large brooch if you have long hair.

7. Shoes : Brooches can be used on shoes (e.g. ballerinas). Of course a matching brooch. It's a way to get yourself noticed and show your personality by adding a touch of chic.

8 . Wallet : A woman impresses with her style and elegance. The "plus" are the accessories that enhance your personality like the vintage brooch to wear on her wallet. 

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The beauty of vintage brooches lies in their imperfect appearance. Try to think of new ways to style them. When you combine your old brooches with new jewelry, they look modern and you'll never want to take them away again.