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What is a Brooch?

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What is a Brooch?

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Rumor has it that the brooches came from the novels, first as an ornamental clasp. Some nations also used them, such as the Germans and Celts. Brooches were used as early as the Bronze Age. Brooches were made from durable materials such as bronze and later steel and gold. They looked very much like a large safety pin that was used to keep clothes together.

Brooches were an important symbol for the wearer, as were his or her class and ethnicity. It was a very strong symbol of nobility. Over the years and more specifically from the eighteenth century on, it became very popular to wear brooches in the hair as an expression of mourning. Later portraits were introduced in brooches as a souvenir.

What is a Brooch? | Brooch Paradise

What's a Brooch?

  • It is a fashion accessory that is attached to clothes with a rotating clasp and is essentially aesthetic.
  • It is a jewel that is mainly of feminine origin.
  • It is usually worn on clothes: on Dresses, T-shirts, Shirts, Jackets, Hats and Sweaters.
  • It is made from various materials such as feathers, shells, ceramics, metals, Swarovski crystals...
  • There are almost no size limits. They can vary from tiny to very large. The method of attachment will generally remain the same from one pin to another.

What's a Brooch?| Brooch Paradise

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