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What is The Meaning of Brooch

What is The Meaning of Brooch

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A brooch is a decorative piece of jewellery that is primarily designed to be attached to clothing and held by a clasp. 

This jewel is decorated with a long pin. It can also be used on a garment, a hat, a bag... 

The word brooch pin means fibula known by this name in Antiquity. This jewelry is mainly for women, but men can also wear it. This medium sized accessory is very often made of metal, yellow gold, rose gold, gold plated, sterling silver, bronze, zinc alloy, copper or other materials.

The brooches are very often decorated with enamel, beads, rhinestones, gemstones and can be used only for decoration or sometimes as a closure, for example for a coat. 

Brooches can be worn also with other jewellery (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants).

These beautiful piece of jewelry date back to the Bronze Age. More details on the  history of brooches 

An even clearer meaning of brooches: - Picture Instagram: @olgalingred_handmade