January 15, 2020 2 min read

At the time, brooches were indispensable jewellery for the outfit. Today, the  brooch is mainly used as a fashionable and trendy accessory. They are originally adorned with beautiful gemstones and very expensive. More and more brooches are being found at very interesting and attractive prices. There are all styles: Romantic, Vintage, rock, animal... everyone can find something to suit them.

When do you have to wear a brooch? | Brooch Paradise

  • Daytime (At the office) :

You can wear the brooch on your shirt, blazer, T-shirt. Opt for a brooch with original shapes that will stand out from the others and preferably not too big. Choose geometric, animal or homemade brooches instead. Whether it is a coloured brooch or one with rhinestones, it is important to choose your outfit carefully (plain or two-coloured). Always choose models that you like and that correspond to you the better.

  • Business meeting or appointment:

During business meetings or important appointments, a little elegant brooch would be perfect. It is advisable to attach it to a top pocket or lapel of your jacket.

  • In the evening or at a party:

Do you like to party, go out, dance? Then take the opportunity to put a little trend to your outfit. Wear the accessory directly on your clothes but also on your evening bag. A preferably coloured brooch would work very well in the dark. Avoid brooches that have a million precious stones, unless you are royalty. As with daywear, it is best to overload your outfit with other jewellery.


In short, brooches, this jewelry or accessory attached to clothing can be worn in many places or occasions. You will always look absolutely amazing wearing them.

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