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Blueberry Meaning & Symbolism

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Blueberry Meaning & Symbolism

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Blueberry Meaning

The meaning of the blueberry fruit: it is of Latin origin and comes from a small shrub called myrtus which produces small fruits similar to blueberries of the genus vaccinium. These small trees are mainly found in Africa, Lebanon, Oman and also in south-western Europe.

The blueberry belongs to the botanical family of ericaceae. The bilberry produces dark blue berries, sometimes black. It likes acid and drained soils. It settles in a privileged way after a forest fire.
In the Middle Ages this fruit was used to make infusions. In America and Canada it is used against certain digestive disorders. It is often used for these anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.

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Blueberry Symbolism

Blueberries usually symbolize a weakening of vitality followed immediately by a recovery. Blueberries symbolize also :

  • Youthfulness of body and mind, Eternity, Optimism and Confidence in the future

    Blueberries represent a pronounced need for solitude. It is the moment when we need to be with ourselves. To take stock of our life.

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