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Carrot Meaning & Symbolism

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Carrot Meaning & Symbolism

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The carrot is an edible umbellifer. It is a plant associated with mercury and the virgin reveals a fruit but also an elongated vegetable. It's a male sexual symbol.
In the spiritual field, we talk about abundance, fecundity in its steps. This fruit brings a strong symbolism: prosperity but also family joys, good understanding with friends and colleagues (society).

We very often see with the carrot symbol meaning 🥕 that we reach the goal we are aiming for. Because of its performance, one can be launched into the world. Life will give us very clear signs that will make it easier for us to do what we want to do. Beware, symbol carrot can also evoke a decoy or a trap.

Symbolic health feature of the carrot :

It is said that the carrot would be effective in cases of jaundice, urinary problems or even open cancerous tumours. The use of these leaves can help considerably to overcome certain diseases.

For your information

The cultivated wild carrot is native to the region of Afghanistan. This plant is mainly used as decoration and is not invasive. It is edible, but not like the carrot in the garden. Its roots are less appetizing. Very rich in carotene and a very good source of vitamin A (good for vision).🥕 

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