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Grape Meaning & Symbolism

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Grape Meaning & Symbolism

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Grape Meaning

The grape🍇 is a fruit that comes from the vine. It is in the form of bunches composed of berries that are botanically small and light-coloured for white grapes (greenish, yellowish, golden yellow) or darker for red grapes (mauve, pink or black-violet).

Wine is mainly made from its fermented juice. It is also consumed as a fruit, as juice as well. The berries are extracted to make grape seed oil.

Grapevine Meaning

Grapevine Meaning | Brooch Paradise
The vines are lianas of the Vitacea family. It means that they are plants of the genus Vitis widely cultivated for their fruit in bunches, the grape.
They are climbing shrubs that attach themselves to the supports with tendrils. The woody stems, called vine shoots, pruned in cultivation, can reach very long lengths in nature by climbing up trees. The palmate-veined leaves have five main lobes that are more or less indented, and are heart-shaped at the base. They are highly polymorphic, depending on the grape variety and species.
The flowers are very small, greenish and grouped in compound clusters. The ripe fruits are berries of variable shape and colour. They are white, yellowish, violet or black, and almost always black in the wild.
A fine description of the variations in leaf and fruit shape is necessary to identify the grape varieties. This is the purpose of ampelography. A land planted with vines is called a vineyard.

Grape symbolism

Grape symbolism | Brooch Paradise

The grape is a great symbol of inner transformation. From fruit to wine, nectar of the Gods, it undergoes the various stages of transformation imposed by man: harvesting, compacting, rotting, ageing, ...

White grape or black grape? Al-Nâboulsi tells us that the white grape is always positive for the spiritual and material life, that it promises great resources, whereas the black grape sometimes announces worries, sorrows, anxieties, depending on the context in which it was seen.

The white grape is considered more favourable because God advised Noah, who suffered from phtisia, to consume them, which he did. As a result, he healed. Since then, the white grape and its consumption are reputed to provide freedom from worries, healing of physical or soul ailments for man.

Finally, the grape is a symbol of joy, fertility, patience and festivities.


Grape Vine Dream Meaning

Grape Vine Dream Meaning | Brooch Paradise
The vine appearing in a dream symbolizes solidity, protection, reward, prosperity, spirituality or sensuality or sexuality. A vine dream can also represent ambitious ideas and hopes. In a negative context, a vine symbolizes a toxic, pervasive relationship.

A vine dream means that you are freeing yourself from the straitjacket of your worries and moving towards a period of rebirth, well-being and intense love.

Dreaming of a vine leaf expresses a legitimate modesty, that is, if in your dream you feel shame, a deep desire that you hide or repress.

Dreaming of a vine in a negative context, when it seems invasive to you, means that you feel trapped in a real-life situation or relationship and you seek to free yourself from it.

Another interpretation of vine dreams:

Dreaming of a vine, of being in a vineyard, of seeing a vine: you will reach happiness. Dreaming of planting the vine: you will fix your happiness.

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