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Pear Meaning & Symbolism

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Pear Meaning & Symbolism

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History of pear

In practically all Western languages, the name of the pear is directly derived from the Latin Pyra. The term appeared in the French language in the 12th century. The name "apple pear" that is given to the Asian pear is erroneous. It is neither an apple nor the product of a cross between an apple and a pear, as has long been believed. It is indeed a pear (of the botanical genus Pyrus).

Pear Meaning

The pear means yin, a food that cools the heat inside... A subtle way to balance your diet and temperament! It is high in fibre and is a powerful antioxidant. It prevents cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and some cancers. It is a very good alien.

Pear is also full of vitamins (A, B and C) and many minerals needed by the body. It strengthens the bones thanks to their high calcium content. The pear facilitates digestion. Very good for transit.

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Pear Symbolism

  • In China, the pear blossom is the symbol of the ephemeral nature of existence, as it is very fragile.
  • In the West, in the dream world, the pear is a feminine erotic symbol.
  • In Korea, the pear symbolizes grace and nobility. The pear tree is a symbol of comfort.
  • In the religious field, the pear symbolizes the Virgin and the Child, probably because of its sweetness.
  • Generally speaking, the pear symbolizes the sign of a beautiful realization that has its source in a spiritual work in progress. It is also the sign of a coming temptation. When it is ripe and soft, the pear symbolizes success in your emotional but also professional relationships. Joy and happiness. The juicy pear means good times in love. A damaged pear: Emotional grief. Separation.
On the other hand, the term "being a good pear" symbolizes being naive and being fooled.

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