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Pineapple Meaning & Symbolism

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Pineapple Meaning & Symbolism

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Pineapple Meaning

The Pineapple is the best known member of the bromeliad family. The ancestral version thrives in the rugged Andes Mountains and deep in the hot forests of Uruguay, where the plant can grow up to two meters in diameter. It was Christopher Columbus who introduced the plant to Europe more than five centuries ago, returning to Spain (from Guadeloupe) with a pineapple. The word pineapple comes from Tupi, the language of the Tupi Indians. "Ananá" means something like "excellent fragrant fruit".  The ornamental pineapple is a smaller (and inedible) version of the wild pineapple.

For the ancient peoples of the New World (New, at least, to Europeans), they recognized the pineapple symbol of friendship and hospitality. Families hang pineapples outside their homes to perfume the entrance and make it welcoming for guests. It was an edible invitation!

Colours and Shapes

Colours and Shapes | Brooch Paradise

Ornamental pineapples are particularly ingenious. The sleeve-shaped calyx makes for a perfect pool of water. And the rosette with its rigid spear-shaped leaves forms a beautiful system of small channels that bring moisture to the heart of the rosette. The leaves can be grey-green or green-pink. And while the fruit of the classic pineapple is yellow-green, the fruit of the ornamental version is more pinkish-red. The plant is very easy to care for: just give it a little water from time to time and it will delight you. 🍍

Pineapple Symbolism

Pineapple symbol of hospitality and welcome

The pineapple symbol of hospitality, has been very present for a few years (2016) and especially in house decorations. There are different motifs on linen, crockery, napkins, ceramic bowls, home decoration accessories. It is a very charming and cute tropical fruit. Although its aestheticism and bright colours make it a strong trend, its popularity goes back a long way.

In larger and more affluent homes, the doors of the dining room used to be closed in order to stir up the suspense of visitors about the table being prepared on the other side. At the appointed time, and with maximum panache and theatricality, the doors were opened to reveal the main element of the evening.

Visitors confronted with displays of food garnished with fresh and highly scented pineapple felt particularly honoured by the hostess, who obviously spared no effort to ensure the pleasure of her guests.

Pineapple Symbol of Wealth 🍍

Pineapple Symbol of Wealth 🍍 | Brooch Paradise

Pineapple symbol of wealth, nobility and luxury throughout Europe. One pineapple could make you very rich. One way to see a person's wealth was to present a pineapple to his guests. It was a strong symbol of wealth and power.

Some Europeans wanted to grow them on European soil, but only a few plants survived and were poor specimens. Eventually, greenhouse cultivation began in the 19th century and pineapple production began.

Pineapples are very well known in the tropics. It can be said that in general this fruit is affordable for people with low income.

🍍 Pineapple Symbol Of Good Luck

🍍 Pineapple Symbol Of Good Luck | Brooch Paradise

The Pineapple Is A Symbol Of Good Luck! Because Of Its Many Eyes, It Sees The Opportunity Ahead And Faster Than Others.

It blends in naturally with every decor and lifestyle and remains popular because of this all. It's actually one of the additional reasons we offer pineapple stickers! See where people are putting their pineapple decals.

Meaning dream pineapple

Meaning dream pineapple | Brooch Paradise

Indeed, pineapple signs a need for exoticism and escape from the daily grind. You may need to escape from your routine for a few days in an unknown place, on holiday. But pineapple can also represent celebration and joy. So it's not impossible that you might be invited to a family reunion or a gathering of friends, just to get together and party in a relaxed way. You will therefore most likely experience very strong pleasant moments very soon, especially in the area of your friendships. But your love life will not be in rest if you dream of a pineapple. Thus, the small travels in love, in order to find themselves as on the first day, will not be to exclude. Perhaps it will be a surprise from your partner. But it can only please you immensely and rekindle the flame of love! The pineapple present in the dream is thus announcing excellent news but especially happiness!

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