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Strawberry Meaning & Symbolism

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Strawberry Meaning & Symbolism

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Strawberry Meaning

🍓 The strawberry is a red fruit from strawberry trees, it means: herbaceous plants belonging to the genus Fragaria (family Rosaceae), of which several varieties are cultivated. 🍓

Strawberry History

Strawberry History | Brooch Paradise
In the Middle Ages, the strawberry was a symbol of temptation because it was considered to be the devil's fruit because of its red colour, its very sweet juice and its tender flesh.

Strawberry seeds were discovered in Neolithic places, which seems to indicate that they were already well known and consumed. Very quickly some legends, superstitions ran about the strawberry (devil's fruit).

In the 12th century, neither the strawberry leaf nor its fruit found favour "because they grow close to the ground and in putrid air". In the Christian religion of that time the small berries that are strawberries are not very valuable. The leaves, on the other hand, were reminiscent of the Holy Trinity.

However, these flowers and leaves were quickly banished and forgotten.

The strawberry tree embodied the symbolism of the pleasure of love, tender flesh, sensuality. This fruit was reminiscent of those Machiavellian ideas of lust and debauchery, but above all a symbol of sexuality that referred to the ever-present image of Venus. The highly erotic power of the strawberry was kept away by the religious.

Medieval doctors did not care about the mistrust of strawberries.. This plant left few traces in the writings of medieval doctors. However, the doctors of XVIth century would have associated with strawberry virtues to say the least eccentric.

In the 18th century, women's nipples were called "strawberry", which led to the expression "to go to strawberries" as a synonym for flirting.

As the years went by, the strawberry was more and more recognized for its nutritional value and more and more adored for its delicious flavour, subtle aroma, tasty flesh and beautiful red colour. More and more, it was able to impose all its benefits.

Today, the strawberry inspires dreams, enchantment and magic. A whole imaginary world, that of childhood, of memories and this while keeping that of love and tenderness.

Strawberry Symbolism

The strawberry plant is the symbol of perfect righteousness because the man by his work brings excellent fruits. The strawberry is also the symbol of excellence thanks to its fragrance and subtle taste. When the strawberry plant is accompanied by the violet, it represents pure spirits. 🍓 The strawberry is considered a delicious and refined fruit par excellence, a treat for children! So it symbolizes the real "delight". Its discovery or its presence in dreams symbolizes a "reward", a deserved sweetness after the effort or even access to pleasure. The strawberry is therefore this reward, the fruit of labor or a quest. She is a pure treasure of life, the very symbol of the "Treasure".

Strawberry Symbolism | Brooch Paradise

 Dream of strawberry

The strawberries symbolize joy and innocence. Associated with feminine sexuality, the strawberry also evokes sweetness, pleasure and sensuality.

  • Dreaming of strawberries: your projects are about to come true.
  • Eating strawberries: you finally dare to confess your desires and temptations.
  • Another interpretation of strawberry dreams
  • Dreaming of strawberries: you will receive an invitation from someone who lives in the country.
  • Eating strawberries: you have a great time.
  • Seeing strawberries : you will make a happy marriage.
  • Eat strawberries : you will learn something new.

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