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Tomato Meaning & Symbolism

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Tomato Meaning & Symbolism

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Tomato Meaning

The tomato means: annual vegetable plant. This fruit is a succulent and fleshy. It is eaten in many forms and preparations.ย ๐Ÿ…

Botanically, tomatoes are considered as fruits because they are the result of the transformation of an ovary found in a flower.ย 

The tomato is native to the coastal Andean regions of northwestern South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, northern Chile). Very rich in water, low in energy and provides vitamin C, this fruit is very important for our diet, even useful.
It can be eaten in salads, raw, mixed with other ingredients, in juice or cooked.

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Tomato Symbolism

As a general rule, the tomato symbolizes emotionality. This expression is often used: "Being red as a tomato", shows that our sexual energy is suppressed or over-emphasized. This is a mischanneling of sexual energy as it is suppressed or too predominant and manifests itself too often. The tomato is therefore a symbol of emotional turmoil and shyness.ย ๐Ÿ…

The scarlet tomato represents the energy that overflows and rises to the face. This state is more frequent in a young girl, when she has to perform or feels exposed: "we're staring at you...".

In the Bambara system, tomato juice is assimilated into the bloodstream. This fruit carries within it the embryo, because its grains are seven in number, the number of the twin, a primordial existential principle.

The fruitfulness of the tomato is also underlined by many ritual practices in the everyday life of the Bambara, such as the habit that couples have, before uniting, to eat a tomato."

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