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Watermelon Meaning & Symbolism

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Watermelon Meaning & Symbolism

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Watermelon Meaning

The definition of watermelon is a cucurbitaceous plant, cultivated in warm regions, especially in Mediterranean countries, for its large edible fruit, smooth, watery, with pink or red, greenish or white flesh, with a refreshing taste. Watermelon is a fruit that has hard, smooth green rind with dark green stripes on its surface. It generally weighs between 5 and 20 kg when ripe. A distinction must be made between edible watermelon and jam watermelon or "citrus", which is not directly edible. The latter is also commonly called "gigérine squash" or "squash barbarine" in the south of France, although it is not a squash.

Watermelon cultivation

Watermelon Cultivation | Brooch Paradise
Although watermelons appreciate a soil enriched with mature compost, they are less demanding than melons; on the other hand, they require more water. You won't escape hoeing and weeding. Watering must be regular and mulching the plant is strongly recommended. Another point that differentiates it from the melon: she's not asking to be pinched.

How to choose the right watermelon ? 

How to choose the right watermelon | Brooch Paradise
Choosing a watermelon at the supermarket can very quickly become tiring and despairing, especially when you know nothing about it. If you choose a bad watermelon, you end up with several kilos of inedible fruit that you don't want to throw away either (you don't want to waste it, do you?!). It is essential to choose a juicy sweet watermelon, a ripe watermelon. The best watermelons always have a yellow-orange spot and especially not white. It is better not to choose the biggest or the smallest watermelon. Choose a medium-sized one. And remember that your fruit should look heavier than it is.

Good reasons to eat watermelon 

Good Reasons to Eat Watermelon | Brooch Paradise
Eating watermelon is very good for your health because it is low in calories (34 Cal per 100 g), watermelon is the slimming ally par excellence. Composed of 90% water, it is perfect to hydrate and quench your thirst pleasantly when it is hot. Its water content also has an action on the feeling of satiety. Its fibres help to fight against peckiness." Much better than an ice cream to cool off after the beach!

Its antioxidants make the skin soft

"Watermelon is a good source of beta-carotene. Watermelon is a precursor of vitamin A. Eating this fruit helps to have good vision and beautiful skin. Fruit very rich in antioxidants. "Its flesh is full of them. It contains lycopene, which gives it its pretty colour (yellow watermelon contains less) and helps fight certain diseases, including hypertension." According to American studies, a daily consumption of watermelon would also be beneficial to prevent cardiovascular disease.

What about the famous seedless watermelon ?

What About The FamousSeedless Watermelon | Brooch Paradise

Resulting from the crossing of selected varieties, it avoids the drudgery of deseeding. But the dietician tempers: "Watermelon seeds are edible and provide an important amount of vitamin C, excellent for the immune system, and vitamin B3 (niacin) necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. They also contribute to a good intake of iron and magnesium. Finally, they have a slightly laxative effect." The condition to benefit from their advantages? Chew them well or crush them (without abusing them...). Another trick is to grill them in a pan to give a crunchy touch to salads.

Symbolic Watermelon 🍉

"The watermelon, or watermelon, is a symbol of fecundity, because of the many seeds it contains. This is why, in Vietnam, watermelon seeds were once offered to newlyweds, together with oranges that have the same meaning. In the Hellenic world, it is the pomegranate seed that plays this role as a symbol of fertility." 🍉

A watermelon in a dream

  • If you dream of cut watermelon, you will have new career opportunities and will be promoted
  • The presentation of a ripe watermelon in a dream is synonymous with prosperity and longevity. 🍉
  • Dreaming of a car with watermelons is a sign of happiness. If you bite a ripe watermelon, be prepared for luck and material gain.
  • If you buy a watermelon in a car, this dream is an indication of an important transaction or inheritance.
  • If a woman dreams of a watermelon, she will get pregnant if it is a dream with few watermelons - a multiple pregnancy.
  • Dreaming of a watermelon without eating it is a sign of a quick recovery. If a watermelon is green or pale pink, your recovery is still a long way off.
  • If you eat a very sweet watermelon, be prepared for the greatest pleasure. Most likely, you will experience or feel something quite extraordinary.
  • If you sow watermelon seeds, be prepared for joy and adventure. In a sex life, this dream predicts unforgettable pleasures.
  • Watermelon can symbolize your internal contradictions. A giant watermelon, seen in a dream, can indicate that in the future you will enjoy international recognition and fame. If you dream of slicing a watermelon, you must actually be more generous and modest so as not to offend people. 

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