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Bat Meaning & Symbolism | Bat Spirit, Bat Totem & Dreams

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Bat Meaning & Symbolism | Bat Spirit, Bat Totem & Dreams

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The bat totem and animal spirit is well known in North America. It represents one of the most charismatically important totems.🦇

In China, the bat means and symbolizes happiness and profit. Let's see the symbolism of this animal in more detail and the meaning in dreams.

Bat Meaning & Symbolism

The meaning bat which flying mammal, is also called a chiropteran. This animal is generally nocturnal and feeds on insects. The bat is sometimes represented as a nocturnal spy, sometimes as a symbol of defilement and misfortune. The bat entering house meaning that it is a sign of a good environment.

It is not uncommon to find this animal also nailed at the entrance of a large one, to ward off the evil eye. Some people are afraid of it, perhaps because of its association in horror films with the supernatural and ritual death. Bat lives in a dark place, a cellar or an attic: this is the symbol of the womb, and the position of the being suspended by the feet evokes that of the unborn self, immersed in darkness. Meeting the bat animal totem as a power animal therefore means a process of initiation, the end of an old way of life, and the recognition of a new one. Bat is there to help you abandon your old habits and old way of life, and to help you face a new dawn.

The bat is therefore a demanding totem pole, but also capable of bringing us a lot of help. the bat symbolism meaning that can make us better, make us feel love for others. The bat can make us see our inner demons but also help us to overcome them. It is a strong and renewing totem that is only suitable for people who are prepared for its effects.

If you come across a bat, it is possible that you will go through certain trials. Don't worry, this spiritual animal is there to support you. He loves you, he is faithful and always accompanies you.

Bat Symbolism in Dreams

Seeing a bat in your dream symbolizes unrealized potential. In this case, you need to let go of old habits. The path you are currently taking is not compatible with your personal growth and new goals. A bat can also indicate an unknown situation, and shows that you have blindly entered a complex situation or case. Therefore, you need to assess the facts more carefully.

Dream of bat suggests that someone in your life is abusing your self-confidence and/or resources. In the Far East, dreaming about bats is a happy omen; it symbolizes happiness and protection for the dreamer and his or her surroundings. According to Chinese culture, five bats in a dream symbolize good health, longevity, rhythm, wealth and happiness. 🦇

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