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Bear Meaning & Symbolism - Bear Totem, Bear Origin

Bear, Bear Brooch -

Bear Meaning & Symbolism - Bear Totem, Bear Origin

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The bear totem animal highly revered in some traditions. It is a very powerful totem that inspires courage, the strength to fight against adversity. This spirit-animal is a powerful guide for physical and emotional healing.

The bear symbolism meaning:

  • Courage, Confidence in our strength
  • Independence, fidelity and tenderness
  • The Bear Confronts adversity, drives us to action and leadership
  • It means that we are ready to help others and to help ourselves...
  • The bear totem pole emphasizes the importance of voluntary isolation, calm and rest. 🐻
  • He breathes into us the mighty forces of the earth... 

Bears: Origins

The Bear is the 6th animal of the Amerindian wheel which corresponds to the end of summer and the sign of the Virgin.  It is capable of adapting to harsh situations, for example to climatic variations. This totem animal embodies the courage to fight. It can however be dangerous, unlike the Deer or the Owl, it represents above all the transition between animal impulse and human control.

Bears Origins | Brooch Paradise

Bear Symbolism

Symbolic of strength, courage

The bear is an animal with great strength. He is a constant support in difficult times. This bear totem animal is a spiritual guide in your life.

When you invoke the power of the bear totem animal, reflect on the qualities of inner strength, fearlessness and self-confidence and how you can project them into your world.

It offers you the support you need.This guide gives you the courage you need. You will have no fear if it is your bear totem pole. 🐻

The bear is also an animal that has a solitary life. Having a bear as a totem animal can mean that you tend to find your balance in solitude.

Symbolic Feminine 

Despite its size, its masculine side is its strength, the bear symbolism is femininity. Bear symbolism dream represents the unpredictable mother and the dangers of negative unconscious behaviour. The bear has two curves in its spine that allow it to adopt a standing posture - yet susceptible to regression. The mother bear can therefore sometimes be overwhelmed by a brutal primitive nature that brings her back to ground level.


It represents courage, warrior spirit and invulnerability. This four-legged animal has a dichotomy of its own, a completely brutal strength on one side and an unshakeable calm on the other.

To have a bear tattooed on your skin is to bring out its strength of character, while keeping its mark of nobility.

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