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Beetle Meaning & Symbolism - Beetle Totem

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Beetle Meaning & Symbolism - Beetle Totem

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When you come across a beetle, you have to make decisions used for your life. The beetle means that you are on the right track and that you must continue without prevarication. Success is at the end of the road and so is recognition. The hard work you have done so far will be rewarded with consideration because you have worked hard.

The beetle, a totem animal, invites you to forget about worrying about your decisions and choices. This spirit animal warns you if there is a change of course to negotiate at the last moment.

This beetle accompanies great changes of direction, new life choices. It asks you to keep your feet on the ground while pursuing your goals.

Beetle Symbolism

Scarab beetle symbolism announces that your steps are protected. All that you are going to implement is a part of yourself that you have repressed and that it is time to bring back. It is time to resurrect what you really are.
The beetle totem is a symbol of your desire for inner transfomation. It allows you to let your most beautiful light shine through.

This animal shows that even if your life was difficult, even painful; you were able to forge a protective shell to keep moving forward.
If you dream of the beetle, know that it announces a second part of life where events will be lighter. You will no longer need to be constantly on the defensive, no more fears or anxieties to have.

It is no longer necessary to struggle and welcome the beautiful encounters, the beautiful events that life brings you.

This totem animal, Scarabée, tells you: "Dare, be and live! »

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