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Cat Meaning & Symbolism | Cat Totem, Cat Jewelry

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Cat Meaning & Symbolism | Cat Totem, Cat Jewelry

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Cat Totem

The cat, a totem animal, has a magnificent meaning. This feline teaches us to be patient, to go at a good pace and above all teaches us to be brave in the face of unknown things.

Did you know that the cat, animal-spirit teaches you to stay perfectly balanced when you get your bearings?

This feline allows us to plunge into a deep journey of self-discovery. Together let's discover the symbolism and meaning of the cat and how this animal totem can guide, soothe and support us!

Cat Totem | Brooch Paradise

What Do Cats Symbolize 

Cat symbolisme mystery but also freedom. This totem animal which is of a mysterious and familiar nature infinitely distant and very close, the cat inspires, in contemporary dreams, compositions that reflect this ambivalence.

The cat, in the dreamlike universe symbolizes the evolution of the emancipation of forms, of the flexibility of being, availability for the metamorphosis of the soul.

The cat is an animal represents above all flexibility, elasticity, free and unpredictable movements. Literally, they embody transformation. 🐱

The cat doesn't count on anyone. On the other hand, if we offer him love, he knows how to give it back and show it too. But it is not dependent on us and this is the real teaching we should take from it (not to be dependent on others in our own relationships, to determine our happiness).

He who loves cats has understood a great thing: to love each other and above all not to wait on anyone to satisfy our needs.


What Do Black Cat Symbolize 

In general, black cats  the bad reputation of being unlucky or the evil eye. They are often seen as animals with a bad reputation.

In the past, this animal was accompanied by sorcerers, healers or wizards wherever they went. Where does this popular belief come from.

In the medical field, the cat is very often next to sick human beings, allowing them to make the transits to their next life.

White Cat Symbolism

The white cat symbolizes renewal, rebirth. It also symbolizes prosperity, success, support, healing, calmness and shyness.

Cat jewelry: what do they bring us?

The cat never ceases to intrigue man. It has been the object of fascination since the dawn of time, especially in the civilization of ancient Egypt. To wear jewellery that represents the cat, one must first understand its meaning through its character and the various symbols it represents, then choose what type of jewellery to wear: bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, charms etc...

The cat often intrigues man and wearing jewellery that represents the cat has several meanings:
Patience: it is an animal that always reacts at the right time. It puts in confidence its opponent before attacking him!
Independence: while benefiting from social connections.
Courageous and adventurous 🐱
    Cat Jewelry | Brooch Paradise

      What cat jewelry to wear ?

      Our partner The Cat Paradise offers you a wide range of jewellery. Their unique style will bring you charm, elegance and refinement. Their elegant collection of jewellery is forged with loving care.

        • The cat bracelets 

        Cat bracelets have a very powerful symbolic value. It is a trendy and very fashionable accessory. They are specially designed to sublimate your wrists and remind you of your love for your cat.

        Cat bracelets can suit everyone: women, men and children. Several styles are available and in various forms.

        This jewelry can perfectly go with a pendant or earrings. And to top it all off, you have the unique possibility to add charm to the bracelet. Enjoy!

        Excellent gift to offer to a friend or a relative, who will surely make him happy.

          • The cat earrings 

          The cat earrings are beautiful jewels that leave no woman indifferent. You can choose between several styles of earrings. They will undoubtedly sublimate your outfits. You can also wear them for small occasions or big. Opt for these magnificent earrings with the feline style which you will love for sure!

            • The cat rings

            Cat rings are remarkable and exceptional jewellery. Suitable for women, men, young people, it will please you if you are a cat fan. You want to have your pet with you wherever you are so the rings are made for you.

            It is a jewel that will go perfectly with other jewelry (bracelet, necklace, earring)

            A nice feline-style ring, in addition to being good for you, is also an original gift to offer to your loved ones or someone who also loves felines.

            • The cat necklaces 

            The necklace are beautiful jewels that can be worn around the neck but also as a bracelet with its incredible pendant.
            A remarkable piece of jewelry that is likely to please you regardless of your age or gender.

            This jewel is an ideal gift to offer to our loved ones as an original gift. It allows you to embellish your beautiful outfits and to always keep this link with your cat. Generally speaking, cat pendants are made to touch the hearts of big feline fans.

            • The cat charms 

            The cat charms, unique and indispensable jewels to have! Having this jewel allows you to personalize your bracelet according to your personality and your tastes.

            These small jewels do not leave anyone indifferent. Intended for cat lovers, the cat paradise offers several varieties (sterling silver, pearl, gold, diamond).

            It is the ideal gift to give to a loved one because the charms symbolize love and affection for your cat. 😻


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