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Chameleon Symbolism & Meaning - Animal Totem

Chameleon, Chameleon Brooch -

Chameleon Symbolism & Meaning - Animal Totem

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Chameleon Symbolism & Meaning 

The chameleon symbolis meaning is to change colour according to its mood, its mimicry allows it to blend into its environment if it senses danger... so the chameleon animal totem has the power to not "make waves"... by adapting....

The chameleon animal is very benevolent and familiar.

It blends in with its environment because it is above all a shadowy, invisible and concealing animal. Unlike the snake that seeks the sun, the chameleon is a solar animal that aspires to remain in the shade.

The chameleon has a prehensible tail, a sign of skill; its moving eye is in turn a symbol of caution and knowledge.

Chameleons coulour meaning are known. This ability is due to the presence of chromatophores, skin cells with coloured pigments. There are four types: black, blue, red and yellow. Chameleons thus indicate their state to their fellow chameleons: stress, courtship, gestation, illness, temperature, submission...

In Africa the term used for this animal is wisdom. Likewise, I trust in the wisdom of those seeking help, that they will find their own way.

Chameleon Brooch Collection

Chameleon Symbolism & Meaning | Brooch Paradise

" Chameleon people "

The chameleon meaning people have the characteristic of constantly adapting to others. Multifaceted, they show themselves to be very different depending on whom they meet. The chameleon adapts to each person, i.e. their temperament, their culture, their tastes, but also to their desires, their needs and their overall functioning. The totem chameleon:

  • Adopts an attitude it deems appropriate
  • Can go as far as changing the way he talks, moves...
  • Anticipates the other person's needs in advance
  • Compliments and values the other
  • Do as he is told, do as he is told, do as he is told, do as he is told.
  • Say no, he doesn't know
  • Don't contradict anyone, don't disagree...
  • Put the other one before him 


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