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Dog Meaning and Symbolism | Dog Totem, Spirit, Dreams

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Dog Meaning and Symbolism | Dog Totem, Spirit, Dreams

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 Dog Totem 

For years the dog, animal totem has been considered the servant of humanity. This magnificent animal always warns its master in front of attacks or danger with its cry of alarm. It helps in hunting and guards its master during long winter nights. Faithful to its nature, this animal deserves the trust placed in it. Generally speaking, the canine species is truly service-oriented; the dog's loyalty goes beyond the mistreatment it receives. It seems that at the heart of any dog lies a spirit of tolerance that seeks only to serve. The dog, a spirit animal, possesses multiple symbolisms and meanings.

Dog Meaning

Dogs are canines that have been domesticated. They are the descendants of coyotes and wolves. The meaning of the dog: each breed of dog has its own qualities. If a particular breed is part of your experience, pay attention to the qualities that make that breed unique, as these may be exactly the qualities that the dog is supposed to share.

Dog Meaning | Brooch Paradise

Dog Symbolism

One symbolism of dog is fidelity. It teaches us unconditional love, loyalty and devotion in any way. He is always at the service of others. 🐕

True to his guardian nature guarding the baby up to the greatest mystical treasures of all time, the dog deserves the confidence that is placed in him.

This spiritual animal is also loyal even if sometimes he goes through mistreatment received because he continues to love his executioner unconditionally, not out of stupidity but rather thanks to a deep understanding of human defects, as if he had access to the depths of our soul, that he could communicate with it.

There is in every dog a spirit of tolerance ready to serve no matter what treatment he receives. When a dog has been mistreated to the point of forgetting its true nature, remember one important thing, as I have always said: the problem is never at the bottom of the leash but always at the top.

Dog Symbolism in Literature

In literature, the dog is also portrayed as a very loyal animal, and has been for many years, above all as a symbol of fidelity, and is the only one who can recognize his master disguised in "The Odyssey" or "Tristan and Isolde". It is a very admirable animal in "Croc-Blanc", by Jack London, or in "Lassie, faithful dog", by Eric Knight. He nevertheless arouses some terror as in "Le Chien des Baskerville" by Arthur Conan Doyle or "Cujo" by Stephen King. In spite of everything, many dogs play the stars in comics, sometimes even being the main character (Pif, Snoopy, Cubitus...).

Dog Symbolism in Literature | Brooch Paradise

Dog Symbolism in Art 🐕

The dog symbolism in renaissance art: small dogs accompany all the moments of life as shown in the paintings of Titian, Carpaccio or Van Eyck; the dog continues to symbolize fidelity, in portraits of couples in particular, or in the Annunciations. 

Dogs appeared in the first portraits in the 16th century at the same time as animal painting emerged. The modern dog becomes a motive for experimentation for the avant-gardes of the 20th century.

Dog Symbolism in Art | Brooch Paradise

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Dog Symbolism in Dreams

🐕 Dreaming of a dog symbolizes the guardian of the "temple", your superego. Here, it is necessary to show your white paw to yourself. This is the kind of dream where you see a dog in front of a door you want to go through. If he stands in your way, it's because you have to be at one with yourself.

If in a dream a dog chases you, it symbolizes an invisible enemy that lacks strength. This is witchcraft.

What do they say if you dream about two dogs? It's duality. If they are one white and one black, they symbolize the contradictory duality. They can't unite to become one. It's evil and good. You are divided in your inner life. Your dark side overlaps with your light side.

Caressing a dog in a dream, holding it close to you, is to reconnect with your intuition, your instinctive nature linked to the needs of the body, and also your psychic, more animal nature.

In summary, when the Spirit Animal dog chooses you, you will probably have a best friend in the etheric plane for the rest of your years on this planet ; he is a faithful animal at all times.

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