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Dove Meaning & Symbolism - Dove Spirit, Totem & Dream

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Dove Meaning & Symbolism - Dove Spirit, Totem & Dream

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Dove Meaning 

The word dove, spirit animal meaning to the white form of a pigeon or a turtledove. It belongs to the pigeon bird family. It is a sign of purity and becomes the main distinctive sign of the dove.

Dove Meaning in Bible 

The dove meaning spiritual purity. To see the end of the flood and thus the end of the trial, Noah sent this animal three times to see if he had a piece of land on the horizon. The second time, this animal came back with an olive branch in its beak, giving hope to men. The dove thus appears as a celestial messenger. It is important to know that the dove symbolism in the bible tenderness, beauty, faithfulness of love, freedom and the passionate search for God. 

Dove Meaning in Bible | Brooch Paradise

Dove Meaning in Christianity

In Christianity, the dove symbol of holy spirit. In scripture, the Holy Spirit descends upon the Lord Jesus in the form of a dove after He was baptized. It symbolizes high spiritual knowledge.

Dove Symbolism

  • Dove Symbol of Peace:

The significance of the dove as a symbol of peace comes directly from the Bible with the story of Noah and the flood. The end of that flood signed was a symbol of peace.

Picasso made the drawing of the Dove of Peace in 1949. He had a little girl named Paloma meaning "dove". Paloma had a daughter Paz meaning Peace in Spanish. 

  • Dove Symbol of Love:

Doves symbolize first and foremost love and fidelity. This Bird is known to keep the same spouse until his death. The couple shares the tasks, especially brooding, by occupying the nest one after the other. We find this notion in the famous expression "couple of lovebirds". The dove is often present on wedding invitations.

  • Dove Symbol of Freedom:

Generally speaking, birds by their flight symbolize freedom. They serve as freedom between heaven and earth. Ex: Dove symbolism in wedding: The release of the dove during ceremonies. For the deceased, it just symbolizes freedom and the passage to another life.

  • Dove Symbol of Purety and Innocence:

The dove is a gentle symbol. Its white colour represents purity and innocence and its well-known character of love. 

Dove Dream

If you dream of a dove, inner peace will invade you. You can discover peace after a conflict with one of your loved ones.

The dove symbolizes the departure for the dreamer. A time when it is freed from material difficulties. You should be confident and have faith in the future.

The dove brings a message, that of hope. The sign of a happy event will come. These may be friends or family members.

The rapid flight of a dove in the sky evokes the passage of a friend or the proximity of a journey. It indicates that a new direction is being taken in the dreamer's life and is a sign of positive change. Your projects are in progress.

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