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Fox Meaning & Symbolism | Fox Totem, Spirit animal & Dreams

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Fox Meaning & Symbolism | Fox Totem, Spirit animal & Dreams

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The fox totem animal, is universal. This power animal can live in the deserts of the Antarctic and in any terrestrial habitat. It adapts easily to its environment. In the majority of cultures, this animal is considered as a spiritual guide with multiple symbolisms. Discover in this blog the meaning of this spirit guide but also the symbolism in dreams. 🦊

The fox Symbolism Meaning

  • Discernment
  • Speed
  • Ruse
  • Bravery
  • Discretion
  • Sense of leadership
  • Developed physical or mental sensitivity 🦊

Fox Meaning & Symbolism

Fox animal symbolism : animal that embodies change, dexterity, the gift of observation Concealment, Camouflage, Feminine Courage, Invisibility, Ability to see what others don't notice, Persistence, Calm and Speed.

This animal has this incredible ability to find solutions to every problem.
The Fox also teaches us to become one with our surroundings. It is considered as a protection of the family unit because even in adversity it finds solutions.

In China the fox is a symbol of eroticism and seduction. In China, always, the meeting of a black fox is a sign of peace or universal prosperity, but if it enters a house, it does not bode well.

Fox symbolism celtic : this animal was a symbol of wisdom. It was revered for its ability to see fairy country. Foxes were also considered servants of the devil.

Fox symbolism japan : was connected to the rain spirits. The Japanese believed that the fox could enchant the gods with its beauty. This design was also a protection against bad luck. Today, the white fox symbolizes prosperity and success in business.

In North America, the symbolism of foxes has two particular interpretations. Northern tribes see the fox as an intelligent and noble messenger. Prairie tribes, on the other hand, see the fox as a crook who plays tricks that can sometimes result in the death of their poor victims.

But, in general, all cultures agree that seeing a fox meaning and symbolizes: intelligence, reasoning agility, ingenuity and knowledge. 

Fox symbolism in literature : She features many cunning heroes: it is by cunning that Ulysses triumphs over the Cyclops or that the Booted Cat defeats the Ogre. This type of character is particularly present in farces, fabliaux and fables. It can be noted that cunning is often embodied by a fox in Western literature.

Fox symbolism in dreams

Fox meaning in dreams is the symbol of a false friend, the embodiment of betrayal. In life, people conspire to hurt you, so be careful. Watch your gestures and actions, try to prevent others from knowing you or your plans. If you catch a fox or kill it, it means you have won the battle. You will unmask a hypocrite who was among your friends. If the animal fell into a trap, in the dream, it means that luck is smiling at you. 

Fox symbolism in dreams | Brooch Paradise

In summary...

Anyway, the color of this animal: red fox, white fox, silver fox; it makes us think of the sun and it symbolizes ... Passion, ardour, vital desire, lively emotions... It will therefore be relevant to ask for the help of this beautiful animal, to get you out of difficult moments, because it will give you the ability to see clearly and intelligently your problems and will allow you to find adapted solutions quickly. With this totem animal, be open to other solutions, you will be efficient and adaptable.

I advise you to meditate with your totem animal in case of problems, it will be of great help to you and will help you to find the right solutions.

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