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Hedgehogs Meaning & Symbolism | Totem, Dreams

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Hedgehogs Meaning & Symbolism | Totem, Dreams

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Hedgehogs are the second-most loved animals after cats and justifiably so. These little pick-covered mammals are not only adorable but they are perfect pets.

Unlike other animals of this size, which tend to create mayhem wherever they are, hedgehogs are known for their calm demeanor that simply radiates happiness and positivity.

Common traits and features of hedgehogs

As we have mentioned in the preceding section, hedgehogs are popular in the animal kingdom for their serene and gentle nature. If you weren’t familiar with the characteristics of a hedgehog until a now, a glance at that animal would have convinced you that they are potentially dangerous; however, looks can be deceptive. In the wild, you will seldom witness a hedgehog violating the regular order of things and causing mayhem; it prefers being in its natural habitat most of the time and moves across the forest only when looking for food unobtrusively. If the creature is furnished with enough food and water it will not leave its designated spot throughout the day. In addition, hedgehogs are not aggressive animals, because it is very rare that they attack others.

Common Traits and fFeatures of Hedgehogs | Brooch Paradise

Hedgehog totem and its meanings

For those of you who might not know, hedgehogs are regarded as very crucial components of the totem cards. Hedgehogs in totems represent a peaceful, unruffled, relaxed, and motherly disposition. It is said that people who are born under this totem are shielded from developing insecurities and there's hardly anything that incites anger in them.

If you are protected by this totem, it would suggest that you are a caregiver and love keeping people you are fond of close to you. You do not treat taking care of others as a duty that must be attended at all costs but, instead enjoys nurturing them. People who have you as an integral part of their lives, especially your partner, are incredibly blessed as you are someone who will always have their backs and be considerate towards feelings even if they don't resonate with yours.

Being under the hedgehog totem also suggests that your motherly instinct is essentially strong. You can never deliberately abandon someone and let them come to terms with their miseries all by themselves; rather, you are likely to make every possible attempt on your part to improve their condition and prompt them to stand strong on their feet. You mostly tend to overlook the faults in people; even if you sense something is not right, you choose to focus on the brighter side and allow the positives to overpower their contradicting elements.

The best thing about people born under the hedgehog totem lies in the fact that they perceive things differently. Unlike most others who are always in a rush to make a choice, these people carefully analyze the options that they have at hand, weigh their impacts against one another and then arrive at a conclusion. This could be fairly the reason why these beings ooze so much confidence and are calm at all times. They are very clear in their heads about what they want and what they don’t want and this allows them to tug the right chords of success both in professional and personal life.

Hedgehog Symbolism in Dreams

If you dream of a hedgehog with extremely high spikes, it could indicate that you are a very tough person from the outside and people are so intimidated by you that they prefer to keep a safe distance.

A hedgehog rolled into a ball of thorns in your dreams could be a warning of imminent danger in your personal life or career.

Killing a hedgehog in your dreams would be an indication of your restraint and cold attitude. A hedgehog in a dream can also symbolize misfortune, bad luck, disappointment or jealousy.

Hedgehog Symbolism in Dreams | Brooch Paradise

Hedgehog Meaning in Different Cultures

Greeks and Romans are said that hedgehogs are very intelligent and that human beings should learn from their behavior. Their mechanism of rolling the grapes in wine is very interesting and such shenanigans are indeed a feast for the eyes.

For the ancient European tribes, hedgehog meaning is for the victory of good over evil; or simply put, they are the chief symbol of resurrection. As they are nocturnal animals and are active only at night, tribal peoples associate hedgehogs with divinity and supernatural powers.

In a nutshell, hedgehogs are principally calm and comfortable creatures that like minding their own business and epitomize everything that is positive in our world.

Hedgehog Meaning in Different Cultures | Brooch Paradise

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