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Kangaroo Meaning & Symbolism | Origin, Totem & Dream

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Kangaroo Meaning & Symbolism | Origin, Totem & Dream

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Kangaroo Origin & Characteristics :

The kangaroo is the largest marsupial in the world and is mainly found in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. This animal can jump up to three meters high.

It lives mainly in herds and feeds mainly in the evening and at night. It is herbivorous, feeding on grasses, leaves and tree shoots. It only needs to be very afraid of water.

Its size can exceed that of a man and its weight can go up to 85kg. His jumps can reach up to 60km/h and be up to 3m high.

Kangaroo Meaning & Symbolism

The kangaroo symbolizes the archaic forces at the origin of this animal evolution, the powers that will lead to evolved mammals.

This animal totem embodies sexual power, a very assertive sexuality because it jumps very high and its tail is very impressive. This animal is very virile but also very aggressive. The male can spend his day with several females. He has a very great vitality.

The kangaroo means and symbolizes abundance, solid edification, positive will, and moving forward.

These animals are very powerful allies because they have a very strong spiritual symbolism. You can turn to them when the earth goes bad. They will use an ancient ritual to counterbalance the evil that humans have perpetrated.

As soon as you feel like getting close to a Kangaroo, you will understand the nature of this animal.

The kangaroo's journey resembles other animals like: the butterfly, the leopard, the owl, the bee. They all have in common the transformation. You can see through these animals, the problems related to your life and the solutions for a better life.

We can say symbolism of kangaroo:

kangaroo symbolism in dreams

Dreaming of a kangaroo can symbolize your desire to return to its country, the lack because we love more where we were born. We're attached to our hometown.

Seeing the kangaroo in your dreams represents the fact that you are a combative person who never let yourself go, you never lower your head.

Seeing the kangaroo in your dreams means that you are someone who likes to plan ahead.

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