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Lizard Meaning & Symbolism - Lizard Spirit, Totem & Dream

Lizard, Lizard Brooch -

Lizard Meaning & Symbolism - Lizard Spirit, Totem & Dream

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Lizard Meaning

Lizard mean is that they are small reptiles that need sunshine. They feed mainly on insects (flies, caterpillars, butterflies, but also spiders, crickets, moths, and other earthworms). Its attitude, motionless under the sun's rays, illustrates contemplation and receptivity. 

The lizard totem is a very talkative animal, it is for this reason that it is often said that it is man's friend, and that it awakens him when he sleeps, at the approach of the snake: the lizard, spirit guide is therefore the emblem of zeal and fidelity. That is why it is considered as a first degree leading to wisdom.

Lizard Meaning | Brooch Paradise

If the lizard is your animal spirit

The lizard spirit allows you to hear, see and also perceive subtle energies. For example, you feel sick around someone who has negative thoughts about you. Because of your increased sensitivity, you have developed a protective shield that prevents you from opening your heart to others. You have this defense reflex that can sometimes be a little overdone.

Lizard symbolism

The lizards symbolize:

Faithful Friend🦎
Revealing what we don't know
helps us surpass ourselves by improving what we already know 🦎

    The lizard spirit animal also symbolizes the world of dreams, beyond time and space. It sees the future in dreams. This animal is always one step ahead because it always knows what is going to happen. This also includes the prophecies to which we ourselves contribute. Once a situation has been imagined in a dream, it is the responsibility of the "dreamer" to continue to feed it with energy and to make it really happen.

    The lizard teaches us that we must be responsible for our lives and the events that occur, consciously or unconsciously, insofar as they stem precisely from your desires and fears. 

    Lizard bible symbolism

    The Old Testament rarely alludes to the lizard except in the sentence: the lizard that was captured with the hand, but which haunts the palaces of Kings (Proverbs 30, 28).

    The lizard meaning in the bible : "One of those tiny beings on earth, but wise among wise men" (Proverbs 30:24). »

    Thus, immobilized near the man, he announces that this one receives the Light.

    Lizard bible symbolism | Brooch Paradise

    Lizard Dream

    Dreaming about a lizard can mean your instincts and reactions to sex, food, or anxieties about your primal feelings.

    Dreaming about a lizard is a sign of a long and beautiful (sweet and sincere) friendship. It is also a symbol of caring, which means that a friend or an unknown friend is protecting you. In general lizard is the symbol of emerging creativity, renewal and revitalization.

    Lizard Dream | Brooch Paradise

    Finally, we will say, The Totem Lizard teaches us that you are responsible for all the events of your life, consciously or unconsciously, insofar as they stem precisely from your fears and desires. This animal teaches us not to give in to the turmoil that surrounds us and protects our space. It prevents us from getting lost in the daily routine. It finally encourages you to see yourself as a spiritual being and to consider all levels of your being.


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