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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Butterfly

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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Butterfly

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The New Year is symbolic very often designates the new beginning, the transformation, a time to assess life in its current state and set goals to begin the change.

Butterfly Brooches

You may not know it, but nature constantly guides you in subtle ways, and when you come across butterflies, it is often a metaphysical message or symbol. Sometimes these butterflies may even be ancient souls or the soul of a deceased loved one. So, if butterflies have crossed your path, discover the metaphysical meanings to know:

Change and evolution :

Change and evolution | Brooch Paradise
Butterflies symbolize change, evolution and transformation. At the beginning of its life, the butterfly is a caterpillar before turning into a chrysalis and finally becoming a butterfly. It is a perfect symbol of metamorphosis, and the metaphors surrounding change and growth are obvious.

We have this ability to constantly evolve and grow in order to become the person we want to be rather than just the person we are now. If you see a butterfly, know that it is just a step towards growth and change, a reminder to keep an eye out for opportunities to improve and progress towards your goals.

A lost loved one :

A lost loved one | Brooch Paradise
If you are accustomed to encounter butterflies, it means that the loved ones who have disappeared in your life appear but under this physique. It is possible that this is the manifestation of his soul. Do not panic, it is just a message of love and support from the loved one to tell you that he is with you constantly.

Living in the moment :

Living in the moment | Brooch Paradise
The butterfly invites us to live in the present moment just like it does because when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it has very little time left to turn. Some are sometimes afraid to take risks, preferring to take the easy way out and stay in their comfort zone. This is a very bad idea.

Enjoying the present moment is neither forgetting the past nor ignoring the future. It is simply living from day to day while paying more attention to yourself and everything around you. The Universe may have sent these butterflies to remind you that life is ephemeral and that you must enjoy and appreciate it to the fullest.

Symbolic butterflies in some countries

  • In Japan it's a woman's emblem. Two butterflies represent the symbol of marital happiness. It is interesting for its metamorphoses: the Chrysalis contains the possibilities of being. It is also a symbol of resurrection.
  • In China and Vietnam, it is used to express a wish for longevity. Sometimes associated with the chrysanthemum, it means autumn.
  • Among the Aztecs, it is the symbol of the soul or vital breath. Because of its colour and the beating of its wings, it is also associated with the flame.
  • In Roman antiquity, the soul leaving the body took the form of a butterfly. In summary this insect is mainly associated with the symbolism of change and transformation.

Symbolic butterflies in some countries | Brooch Paradise

It is a symbol of :

Transformation, personal metamorphosis
Going through different phases in life
Renewal, rebirth
Lightness of being, mischievousness
Take a step back, find another way of looking at things...
The world of the soul, the psyche...
Joy of life

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