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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Flamingo

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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Flamingo

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The Pink Flamingo represents the phoenix. It is possible to see an association simply by the fact that the flamingo is also called phoenicopterus roseus.

The phoenix, is a legendary bird, endowed with great longevity and characterized by its power to be reborn after being consumed in flames. It symbolizes the cycles of death and resurrection. Its modern nickname is the firebird.

The feathers of the flamingo are sacred. Very often used for rituals and connection with the Great Spirit, just like the eagle. The feathers allow travel from darkness to light symbolizing the soul. If you find a flamingo feather, it tells you to rise above your emotions and dive into your heart to get there. For its feathers help us to heal the heart and the emotions.

The flamingo is the symbol of :

Happiness and balance: The colour pink can be perceived as a joyful colour by being the antipode of black. Expressions such as seeing life in pink and grinding black are examples of this duality. Flamingo means that you have a deep sense of balance.

Eroticism / Seduction: The flamingo mixed with red is a symbol of love. These two colours represent a very passionate love while the pink colour represents a soft and light love.

The rebirth, the youth: In Egypt the Fleming is associated with Ra the Sun God. Symbol of rebirth, youth and feminine subtlety.

Marginality: The innate originality of this colour comes from the fact that it is rarely exploited. The colour pink is almost absent in nature (flamingo being an exception) and in urban environments. 

Symbolisms of the flamingo: marginality, eroticism/seduction, youth, happiness and balance, longevity.

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