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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Giraffe

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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Giraffe

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There are different criteria according to which, in the animal kingdom, some animals reveal their secrets and symbolism much more obviously than others. The symbolism and meaning of the giraffe is quite obvious because we only have to look at this animal to imagine the values we identify with it.

The giraffe is a totemic animal that invites us not to be violent. The meanings associated with this animal: peace, perspective, intuition. The giraffe reminds us of the strength we have to overcome the difficulties we often face.
Its eyes that always see beyond appearances. It has the ability to predict the future, to see further.

Her very long eyelashes represent a delicate element and full of softness but it is above all a symbol of protection.

Another important physical trait that giraffes possess is their language. Did you know that their tongues can measure up to 50 centimetres?
This reminds us that we need to make our voice heard, to communicate intelligently so that what we say is heard, whether it's during work presentations, family gatherings or interviews.

A curious feature of the giraffe's tongue is that it is sometimes black, which serves as protection from the sun. This is an additional symbolic element: we must communicate effectively, but not make the mistake of talking too much, nor of taking over the attention of others.

Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Giraffe | Brooch Paradise

The symbolism of the Giraffe:

  • The elevation of the spirit
  • Sincerity
  • Kindness and gentleness
  • Inner calmness 🦒
  • Seeing beyond appearances, opening of the "sixth sense" and of the psychic capacities.
  • The influence or appeal of exoticism
  • An important awareness that goes smoothly
  • The union of the forces of earth and sky
  • Harmony between carnal and emotional/spiritual aspirations
  • An ability to "stand out", to stand out in a crowd 🦒

The symbolism of the Giraffe | Brooch Paradise

The giraffe language teaches us to: 

  • Observe (rather than judge),
  • Reasoning in terms of emotions and unmet needs (rather than blaming or judging the other),
  • Make non-mandatory (rather than demanding) requests,
  • Show empathy (recognize the other person's emotions and needs),
  • Seek win-win solutions (rather than imposing one's point of view in a non-negotiable way).

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