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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Ladybug

Ladybug, Ladybug Brooch -

Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Ladybug

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What is a Ladybug?

What is a Ladybug | Brooch Paradise

Characteristic Ladybug:

Did you know that ladybugs come from beetles? This name comes from the peculiarity of insects that have wings that fold over their backs and form a kind of sheath. The ladybug is part of the same order as the scarab beetle or cockchafer!

The Usefulness of Ladybugs:

Ladybugs are great aphid eaters. They also attack plants and weaken them by sucking their sap. And finally our friends ladybirds also eat scale insects (biting-sucking insects also called "plant lice"). Ideal for the biological balance of the garden.

Animal Totems : Ladybugs :

Animal Totems  Ladybugs | Brooch Paradise

Ladybug Meaning:

Ladybugs are very well known to be very sacred animals and to bring good luck. This totem animal will bring changes in your life, see an incredible metamorphosis. You have already met a ladybug or even in your dreams, so know that the ladybug means that you will have luck and happiness in your life.

The symbolism of The Ladybugs:

­čÉ×┬áThe metamorphosis
­čÉ×┬áDivine intervention
­čÉ×┬áThe importance of remaining vigilant in the face of danger
­čÉ× Getting to know each other better

The Ladybug Symbolizes Luck:

The ladybug grants wishes, wishes. Also called "stupid to God", It brings incredible luck to the one on whom it lands. If a ladybug lands on your finger (more precisely your index finger), make it fly away and close your eyes. Always pay close attention, listen to your instincts and awaken all of your senses to watch for signs that will confirm whether or not your wish will come true. In the days or weeks following your wishes will be granted. Besides being synonymous with luck, it is also synonymous with very long happiness.

Ladybugs, Symbol of Love:

It is said that these little beasts bring together soul mates, two people who love each other but life has not spared. Legend also tells that if the ladybird lands on you and your spouse successively, it is the sign of an impending marriage. So who knows, if this happens to you, maybe it means that your partner is about to propose to you? Do you believe in the ladybug's powers of luck and love?

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Ladybug?

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Ladybug | Brooch Paradise
Dreaming of a ladybug presages a happy event, a lucky period in your life. It can mean that a female person in your life will be listening to you and will be useful to you.

It can also herald a journey that will make you very happy. It can also mean that you will have good news soon.

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