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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Mouse

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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Mouse

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Meaning and Symbolism :

Meaning and Symbolism | Brooch Paradise

Did you know that the animal totem mouse was considered a very sacred creature🐭 related to the Greek god Appolon? Appolon was called Appolon-Smintheus, which means: Mouse-Apollo.

In the days before, mice were considered sacred. They had a mysterious power and they were attributed virtues of transformation and leadership.

As a rule, mice are known to be very meticulous, they like to sneak in and hide when necessary.

The mouse likes dark places like burrows which is a strong connection with the earth. One could say that it is a kind of link or mediator between the physical and spiritual life.

In the Middle Ages it was a time full of superstition when people thought that mice were able to take away the souls of humans who had passed from the earthly to the spiritual life.

Some tales say that the mouse came out of the mouth of the dead man and then the soul of the deceased separated from his body, leaving it behind and taking the spiritual part to the other world.

We all know that mice can be shy and seem nervous at the slightest foreign movement. Sometimes when the mouse appears in our lives, it can also be a warning, so that we are aware of our behaviour.

Mice pay attention to the smallest details but can get lost in small details which gives them great power and weakness. Never forget its strength to scare elephants. It is a symbol of the Soul, even more the receptacle of the Soul because of its way of moving, barely perceptive and fleeting, which reminds us of the way life leaves the body.

Some of the elements associated with mice are modesty, grandiloquence, temerity, innocence, fertility, consciousness, determination, conservation and cleanliness 🐭🐭(this last point may seem paradoxical but these animals are very concerned about their cleanliness). This is why, if we dream of a mouse, we should pay attention to our life and see if we need to wash it or pay more attention to certain aspects that we neglect.

Moreover, mice are among the most ingenious animals, which gives this species even more symbolism. The mouse can be seen as a message to us to review the resources we have (whether energetic, financial, emotional or physical) and to be aware of how we waste or redistribute them. This may seem like a contradiction, but it is really a balance that needs to be struck.

The sense of the mouse-man and the mouse-woman:

The mouse-man means a person capable of an extraordinary level of concentration, and will excel in any job that focuses on details: scientific research, accounting, organizing complex projects, information management...

The mouse-woman means an outstanding housewife, always active. Nothing escapes her in her environment, allowing her to create extremely beneficial living environments.

In summary:

In summary | Brooch Paradise

Loved or hated, mice quietly take over their territory, their burrows. They are meticulous and always take their time to do things right. 🐭

Almost shy, it feels, observes and advances step by step, but it is determined. She does all this with a certain innocence that no one distrusts or suspects that she is building, with organization and structure, a real empire.

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