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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Snail

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Meaning and Symbolism of The Animal Totem Snail

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Meaning :  

The spiritual meaning of the snail is quite fascinating. This creature produces two types of mud: one to protect itself and the other to use slippery surfaces to facilitate the movement of snails. The snail reminds us that we have to move forward in life knowing that we are equipped with the right equipment. You should know that snails change sex according to the need to reproduce. This snail article reminds us that we should never make the mistake of thinking in black and white. There is no exclusive rule in nature, everything is not as it seems.

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Symbolism :

The snail 🐌 is a reflection of the spirit of protection that surrounds each of us. Having a snail as a totem animal is a sign of great protection of our environment.

Snails are often lonely, not very social and often shy. Their life lesson will be to learn to trust. Learning to balance trust and protection is a difficult lesson. The Snail also teaches us to protect the inner child.

People who have this animal as a totem animal have a hard, difficult and very hard shell in front of the world despite their tender heart. They are sometimes afraid of strong sensations. It is important to find out what questions your confidence.

The snail also symbolizes fertility by its spiral and the development of the horn. Like the shell, it also has a sexual symbolism. Escargot also symbolizes movement in permanence. Whether terrestrial or marine, its helical shell constitutes a universal glyph of temporality, of the permanence of being through the fluctuations of change. The spiral, linked to the lunar phases, is a development of the horn. 

This spiral shape also evokes the layout of the initiation labyrinth. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the spiral was represented by a Snail and symbolized the evolution of life. Snail, which comes out of the ground after the rain, is a symbol of cyclical regeneration, death and rebirth. It illustrates the theme of eternal return; he shows and hides his horns as the moon appears and disappears; it participates in the wet spring, and does not emerge from the ground until after the rain.

In Comté Niçois, Languedoc and Corsica, the snail shells were used as oil lamps during various processions. In the region of Corte, during Easter festivals, the shells, filled with oil and equipped with a wick, were placed on the windowsills, they illuminated the path by which at nightfall, Good Friday, passed the procession. Snail is a reflection of the protective spirit that surrounds each of us. 🐌🐌


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