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Monkey Meaning & Symbolism - Monkey Spirit, Totem & Dream

Monkey, Monkey Brooch -

Monkey Meaning & Symbolism - Monkey Spirit, Totem & Dream

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Monkey Meaning

The monkey, animal totem and well known to all, loves to play and is also very inventive. The meaning of this animal is quite short: a very agile and skillful monkey.

He has an ease to "ape" but his perfection lies in innovation. It is up to him to open up to his art and to the artist to open new paths useful to all. This animal goes from branch to branch in order to always know new passages. It creates its own branch each time! 

Monkey Meaning | Brooch Paradise

Monkey Symbolism

The totem of the monkey symbolizes:

    • In some parts of India, the symbolism of the monkey represents wisdom, which is why it is represented in the iconography of this culture in the form of statuettes showing three monkeys: one covers his eyes, the other his ears and the third his mouth "looking at nothing, listening to nothing and saying nothing bad". In this way, man will have no problems in his relationship with others.
    • In Egypt, monkey totem is a symbol of strength, fidelity and devotion. He often uses fantasy, craftiness and deception.
    • In the West, the sign has a very negative image: rudeness and lack of restraint.
    • In the tribes of Sumatra, the monkey spirit animal is a hope that is not nourished because its soul can be chosen in transmigration.


     Monkey Symbolism in Dreams

    🐒 Monkey dreams can represent a part of you (stubborn and intuitive). You will learn things by observing and always being stubborn no matter what happens.

    Monkey dreams can also be warnings. They show that our behaviours are sometimes quite far from an evolution that we claim, that of conscious men. The monkey symbolizes a part of the personality that lacks discipline. See also gorilla.

     Monkey Symbolism in Dreams | Brooch Paradise

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