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Parrot Meaning & Symbolism - Parrot Totem & Dream

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Parrot Meaning & Symbolism - Parrot Totem & Dream

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Parrot Meaning 

The meaning of the parrot totem animal: very sociable and will also be able to show character when you deny them something. The parrot is like a child that needs a lot of attention and affection. As soon as you spend some time with this animal, and start its education, you will socialize it more and make it a great companion. Humans love parrots and have cared for them for many years. The Egyptians used to keep parrots as pets.. 

With a good intelligence, you can learn to talk to your parrot, but also to follow you, or to stay on your shoulder. None of the time you spend with your parrot will be wasted.

Some parrots talk, but they also like to sing. Parrot totem pole reproduces the sounds they hear. Reproducing sounds gives parrots symbolic and symbolic links with communication. 🦜

You probably noticed that parrots were often glued to the pirate. The pirates found them really fascinating because of their beautiful colours.

Remember that pirates have a parrot on their shoulder, there is another historical element that offers more symbolism. Portuguese sailors used to keep them as companions at sea when they travelled across the ocean. This pet was very easy to keep on a ship.

You have most likely noticed that the parrot is undetachable from the pirate. But why is it still attached to this character? It seems that this bird has always fascinated pirates because of its beautiful colors. In addition, according to legend, parrot feather meaning meant that a storm was approaching, which could be very convenient for these ocean dwellers.

Parrot Meaning | Brooch Paradise

Parrot Dream Meaning 

Dreaming about a parrot means that you tend to make the same mistakes in your life over and over again. Seeing it in a cage represents the lessons you are not learning.

Flying through the air like a parrot symbolizes this tendency to please others before being yourself. 

The parrot spirit animal that keeps repeating the same things over and over again is either a parent making fun of your efforts or someone is obnoxious and cheating you. Be careful how much trust you place in this person.

Parrot Dream Meaning | Brooch Paradise

Parrot Symbolism 🦜

Parrots in South America were considered luxury pets. For the Pueblo tribe, this animal represented fertility. The petroglyphs of this tribe revealed that the parrot symbolized the rainbow.

For the Bororo tribe, this animal was considered a messenger of the Gods and ancestors.

The words that best symbolize the parrot :

Communication 🦜
🦜 Mimicry
Sound & Voice
The words


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