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Peacock Meaning & Symbolism | Totem & Dream

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Peacock Meaning & Symbolism | Totem & Dream

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Peacock Meaning

Superb creature, the meaning of this bird is a pure wonder. With its dress of glittering feathers, in the rarest shades, this bird possesses a hypnotic power. Its long and magnificent tail turns into a vibrant array of dazzling colours.

Those who have the peacock as their totem animal are walking on a sacred, spiritual path, and are filled with love for life.

Peacock Meaning Bible

For the first Christians, the peacock in the bible meant above all benevolence, because its flesh was considered rotproof like the body of Christ in the tomb.

The fall of its plumage and its regrowth signifies renewal and resurrection. Later, Christians will see the peacock as a symbol of pride and vanity.

Peacock Meaning Bible | Brooch Paradise

Peacock Symbolism

The peacock is the emblem of Fontaine Jolival. A perfect ornament for a "pretty valley", it is also a legendary animal that men have adorned with many symbols over the years.

In India, the peacock is a symbol of immortality and fertility. In the West, the fall and regrowth of its feathers in spring were interpreted in Christian art as a symbol of renewal and resurrection.

Peacock symbolism in china: the peace, prosperity and beauty (thanks to its plumage of all colours).

This totem animal is a friend of the springs. It must constantly drink and live near a fresh water. It feels the rain coming on the eve of a thunderstorm. It therefore gives out its premonitory cry, which is called "minhas" in India, which means "the rain is coming".

Until the 17th century in France, the peacock was the most refined dish served on royal tables, as much for the delicacy of its flesh as for its plumed plume. In the architectural and art deco ornaments so often found on the French Atlantic coast, it reappears as a symbol of French elegance and a way of life.

Peacocks and fountains always go hand in hand. Buffon said in the 18th century, "the peacock would be the king of birds, if the empire belonged to beauty and not to strength". If you see two peacocks at the edge of a fountain, you'll know it's Fontaine Jolival.

Peacock Dreams 

Dreaming of a peacock is a very good sign. The peacock represents longevity but also rejuvenation.

Seeing this dreaming spirit animal that cries or screams means that you want to express something, to make a statement. They are usually silent birds that only scream when something is wrong.

On the other hand, the presence of this graceful, powerful animal in dreams can also make you feel that you are being watched.

Peacock Dreams | Brooch Paradise

In short, the animal totem peacock is the symbol of :

  • Beauty
  • Wise Vision
  • Immortality
  • Spirituality
  • Self-confidence
  • Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Self-love
  • Resurrection

Peacock Meaning & Symbolism - Totem & Dream | Brooch Paradise



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