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Animals and Insect Brooches

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A brooch for men or a brooch for women for clothing allows you to accessorize the outfit in a unique way

You want to wear brooch to complete your outfit, to hang this beautiful brooch on your top. You're right, it's a good idea. A garment brooch always makes it possible to embellish and perfect a clothing set. Like the icing on the cake, it enhances the whole, completes the ensemble and attracts attention. For a daytime stroll or an evening outing, a brooch will embellish your clothes just like make-up does on your face. It's the little extra that makes you unique. Especially if it is an original creation from our brooch shop. 

Each of the Animals & Insect brooches are original ideas handmade by our designer

Here you will find several examples of fancy brooches of all kinds (animal brooches and insect brooches). The brooch is a totally unique piece of jewellery.

Each of these accessories available in this shop are from original handmade originals by our designer.

How and with which clothes to wear a garment brooch?

A garment brooch can be worn on any garment. Often, the brooch or pins is pinned on a top so that it is visible to everyone. On the chest, or preferably the collar, in a place where there is little risk of rubbing, so as not to damage it, drop it or simply create a hole in your beloved garment. If the brooch is well placed, there is no risk of making a hole in your shirt or top.

Thus, you have the possibility to hang the brooch on a shirt, a blazer, a t-shirt, a sweater, a dress but also to pin it outside, on a jacket, a bag. All you need is a fabric that is easy to pierce for the needle but strong enough not to deform the garment.
There are brooch jewelry for belts, handbags, trendy hats such as berets which can also be very feminine. 

The jewel brooch is an indispensable fashion accessory for the fashionable trend

Before, it was customary to wear a brooch to close these garments (jackets or coats).
The accessory really had a function rather than an aesthetic. Today, everything is allowed. Regularly, brooch and pins on the clothes are back in fashion.
But don't forget that you are the one who makes the fashion. The trend is just the emergence of a mainstream created somewhere, by anyone.

Each style of clothing has its own model of Animals & Insect Brooches

Brooch Paradise offers you a selection of animals and insect brooches.
Always nickel and lead-free, of course. It's up to you to make your choice to compose the most beautiful outfit. A real accessory that will delight our buyers.

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