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Butterfly Brooch






What do butterflies symbolize?

The totem of the butterfly is the symbol of metamorphosis, transformation, change.
This animal teaches us to consciously transform our lives, to let our desires come true in order to improve our daily lives.

Each Butterfly Brooch is an original idea handmade by our designer

Butterfly brooches have always been very unique pieces of jewellery that bring a clothing trend and excellent indicator of your personality and identity.
You will here find several examples of all kinds of fancy brooches.
Each of the fashion or style accessories available in this shop are handmade originals by our designer.

How and with which clothes to wear a garment brooch?

The brooch jewelry is a fashion accessory to pin on clothes like a sweater, a blouse, a blazer, a dress or a vest. Essentially ornamental, brooches are usually worn close to the heart, but can also be attached to hats, caps, handbags or jackets. The jewel brooch brings a personal note to a plain-coloured basic tops for example. 

The brooch for women and men is a small, pretty detail that will make all the difference in everyday life as well as for special occasions.

Each style of clothing has its own model of Butterfly Brooches

Brooch Paradise offers you a selection of butterfly brooches fashion accessories for women and men.
Always nickel and lead-free, of course. It's up to you to make your choice to compose the most beautiful outfit. A real accessory that will delight our buyers.
Our fashion online store is made for you because you'll find brooch for clothes for cheap. 

In conclusion, be aware that you will not find a brooch in fashion clothing stores or discount clothing stores.