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Lizard Brooch

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The symbolism of the lizard corresponds to an inner discovery: you possess powers of survival that you never imagined.
The lizard symbolizes rebirth and renewal, as evidenced by its incredible ability to regrow its tail when cut off.
If the lizard is your spirit animal, discover the lizard brooch collection because its message is to go with the flow.


BROOCH PARADISE is a team of passionate people who imagine and realize handcrafted creations only on demand. We offer a wide selection of unique creations full of personality.

A good outfit must be worn with a nice brooch, that's why our focus is to work closely with our suppliers in order to offer an impeccable quality of each accessory.
Brooches can be for women, men or even children.


If you are looking for an original gift idea then you can turn to rather fancy brooches with rhinestones or rather colorful brooches. 
In addition, we offer you the rabbit brooch collection with meticulous finishes and beautiful creations.