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Monkey Brooch


Our selection of monkey brooches is available for your pleasure. We invite you to dress up your style with one of our creations.
This kind of brooch is ideal if you want to show your intelligence and energy. Assert your personality with power, increase your boldness and confidence.
The monkey knows how to have fun, he is dynamic, charming. He is loyal, brilliant, fun and not at all shy.
By observing him, we are inclined to meditate on what we say and how we say it, making us reflect on the image we give of ourselves to others.


Both a symbol of inventiveness and creativity, MONKEY brooches are original creations that faithfully reproduce the characteristics of this very clever and gifted animal.
Starting from a simple style to a more sophisticated look, all our brooches express our stylistic language.
Beyond the jewellery creation, the wearer of a monkey brooch benefits from the totem and talisman support it provides. This creation allows the wearer to be completely different by adorning himself with a unique jewel.


BROOCH PARADISE is a team of passionate people who imagine and realize handcrafted creations only on demand. In this way, it is possible to offer a wide selection of unique creations full of personality.

A good outfit has to be worn with a nice brooch, that's why our focus is to work closely with our suppliers in order to propose an irreproachable quality of each accessory. Brooches can be for women, men or even children.


If you are looking for an original gift idea then you can turn to rather fancy brooches with rhinestones for example for a reinforced surprise effect, for the purists it will be necessary to turn to creations with noble materials.

Moreover, we offer you the Chameleon Brooch collection with meticulous finishes and beautiful creations. Each brooch reflects a different character.