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Pendant Brooch

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What is the difference between a pendant and a brooch ? 

A brooch is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is attached to clothing primarily for aesthetic purposes. A brooch allows you to customize your wardrobe in a flash! It also serves as decoration for your clothes. A brooch can be used as a pendant or just to hold a scarf or a piece of clothing.

how to make a brooch into a pendant ?

Convert brooch to necklace or pendant, just close the pin on the back of the brooch ornament. Then, slide a chain or a leather link between the brooch and the pin. This is a very simple method, but it works mainly with small brooches with balanced shapes.

How to wear a pendant brooch ?

The best way to wear a pendant brooch is to choose models with rather original shapes that stand out from the others. For example geometric shapes, animals, houses. Don't quibble about color and rhinestones if you wear a plain or two-tone outfit. If you want to put other kisses, stay in the tones of your brooch.

Why buy a pendant brooch ?

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