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Snake Brooch

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Snake Brooch, Accessory and Symbolic Daily Jewelry

There is no more suitable accessory than a snake brooch to translate the personality of the wearer, to transmit a message, a code, to display feelings or to express affinities with a group.

Even within the formidable diversity of today's clothing styles, snake brooches remain the jewel that reveals a profound identity and testifies to the personality and originality of their wearer.

Why choose a snake brooch ?

Deeply anchored in the imagination of humanity, the spiritual figure of the snake is a symbol of vitality and wisdom. Inspired by the creator of the site, the snake brooches are original creations capturing the soul of this unique animal.

All our snake brooches are both simple and sophisticated. The singularity of each of these unusual accessories makes them exceptional pieces.

More than a simple jewellery creation, worn as a brooch the snake becomes a totem and a protective talisman able to embody perfectly the wild part of the spirit of its wearer. To wear a snake brooch is above all to distinguish oneself, by adorning oneself with an elegant jewel with a subtly threatening aura.

Snake Brooch - Woman

Truly unique in shape, a snake-shaped brooch reveals is an ode to seductive femininity. Wearing it on these clothes shows a woman's character, a malicious spirit as it is an exotic and singular jewel.

As you know, the snake is very well known in the world of feminine jewellery. Trendy, it crosses the times without becoming classic, while keeping intact its animal charm. For the beauty of a brooch serves above all to enhance the beauty of a woman.

Stimulating femininity and embodying seduction, the snake brooch is also the reflection of the soul of its wearer.

Snake Brooch - Man

Like the king cobra, the snake's allure often conceals a relentless hunter. A man who wears a snake brooch can be proud of himself, as it is a profound reflection of the elegance of its wearer while also suggesting the existence of the wild animal buried deep within his being.

Isolated and symbolizing cunning, the snake conveys a strong image of appeasement and power. The man's brooch is a symbol of combative virility and domination. The wearer of this accessory, through this jewel, masters the beast that slumbers in him.

A snake brooch wonderfully retranscribes the dark side of this cold-blooded reptile, accurately reflecting the bestial part of the male soul and conferring a predatory presence to its wearer.

Detail of manufacture and composition of snake brooches


Snake brooches are imagined, designed, made with love and passion. A range always authentic and full of personality.

Our brooches are perfect for all types of outfits. A snake brooch is original and is also the focus of an outfit. We work and carry out rigorous controls to ensure the irreproachable quality of each brooch we sell.

Our Snake brooches are mainly made of zinc alloy. The brooches are absolutely free of nickel and other materials that are toxic to the body. Because of their purity, they are therefore not irritating to the skin and do not contain any allergens.

Which snake brooch should I get ?

There are a wide variety of snake brooch, each with its own benefits and messages...

How and where to wear a snake brooch ?


You can wear a brooch with clothes on the right or left side. To each his own style.
This accessory can be worn at the office, at a business meeting, a professional event, a party, a birthday, a wedding ...

On what type of clothing can I wear a snake brooch ?

Dresses, Shirt , Pull, Tee-shirt, Jacket, Suits, Coats, Blazer. You can wear the snake brooch on work clothes, formal wear, fashionable outfits, formal wear, outerwear, etc.