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About us

Brooch Paradise is an internationally renowned accessories company specializing in brooches. We have created a series of brooches that are designed to add unique charm to any outfit.

Whether you want to pin a unique piece to your jacket or highlight your favourite blouse, a good quality brooch can be a wonderful way for you to add new stylistic potential to your outfit.

We have a wide range of brooches, including designs featuring sea animals, spiders, costume jewellery and much more. These ultra cute selections can help you showcase your favorite animals or even make sure you have beautiful jewelry that can accentuate your outfit.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to produce only top quality accessories. We are constantly sourcing better quality brooches materials and ensuring that we can also manufacture better quality products.

We put love into every brooch we make. The goal is to create products that you can be proud to wear and give to others. These are unique pieces that you really can't find anywhere else.

Our story

Our founder, Rachel, built this business from the ground up, starting at home with a passion to create her own accessories for her friends and family. The company has continued to grow, as has her love of brooches. Rachel is proud of what she has created with her brooch business and is thrilled to be selling now in Canada and abroad.

After modest beginnings, Rachel has continued to develop her skills and the tools at her disposal for the creation of brooches. Today, you can enjoy a quality product that will last a long time by using a brooch as a gift or just to treat yourself.

We're here for you

Our company is really here for you. The great advantage of buying from Brooch Paradise is that you will have access to better customer service, and we have a wide selection of products arriving regularly. We are able to offer the best shipping and customer service and we can guarantee that our customers are always taken care of.

Our company is extremely customer-oriented and the great advantage of using our company is that we will always treat your requests and queries as a priority. We are a team that wants to make sure that you can receive unprecedented service with every order.

Whatever type of accessory you prefer, we can provide it quickly and offer you a wide range of other items that you can enjoy or give as a gift.

We work hard to make our customers happy

Our team works hard to make our customers happy. By ensuring excellent customer service and product quality, we can guarantee that everyone who buys from us will leave with a smile and beautiful quality accessories.

 The advantages of ours products

The products that we have the offer are all 100% unique. We want to make sure that the brooches that we have in stock is something that you won’t find at another store. By offering interesting shapes and completely unique designs, we can give you something that can fit your personality.

We also offer quick shipping options and the ultimate protection for all of the products that we ship. We use quality packaging materials to make sure that every brooch arrives in excellent condition and in a timely manner by ensuring that we can deliver a better product for your needs

We can keep your brooch safe throughout the process of shipping and make sure that it gets to your location quickly. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about Brooch Paradise and the quality of products we have to offer.